5 Foolproof Ways to Spice Up Date Night

Is there anything more invigorating than date night? It has the power to reignite a spark in even the longest of relationships. While I love the ease of going to dinner-and-a-movie, the lack of effort it takes to plan can make it seem, well, uneventful. Fortunately, I've assembled some surefire ways guaranteed to keep both the romance and spontaneity in your relationship ablaze.

Hit up a jazz club — It's "the bee's knees!"
This one is especially for you, jazz neophytes. You don't have to be a connoisseur to go to a jazz club. A good jazz venue isn't hard to find, especially if you live in a city — so fellas go ahead and call forth your inner Gatsby. All you'll need to bring is your sweetie and some appreciation for old-school vibes and real musicians.

Skip the main course and go straight for dessert!
When I was younger, I used to walk to a local ice cream spot near my house on summer Fridays after school to cool off? There would always be a ton of couples chatting and gazing romantically into one another's eyes. I distinctly remember saying "I can't wait for that to be me one day." Well, I actually got the chance to recreate that nostalgic moment — and you can too! 

Sometimes, it pays to be unconventional. I think it was writer Ernestine Ulmer who said "life is uncertain. Eat dessert first." According to a survey conducted by the Cancer Research UK Health Behaviour Research Centre, one in five women would forgo sex before giving up chocolate.

Wander the bookstore
Reading is fundamental but it can also be quite alluring. Nothing is sexier than a well-read person, so don't be too quick to underestimate the power of a bookshelf romance. You can meet your significant other by the travel section or better yet wander over to the classics and get transported to a19th-century Russian setting a la Anna Karenina or wander around Pemberly and make the acquaintance of Elizabeth Bennett and her Mr. Darcy.

P.S. my high school boyfriend and I used to have date night at Barnes & Noble. We were both big fans of classic English literature novels.

Shoot some pool
Sometimes, you just need an excuse to get close. And for some reason, going to a pool hall never fails to heighten sexual tension. So ladies, even if your pool-playing skills are top-notch, try playing coy and asking your guy for some tips. Trust me, he'll be more than happy to oblige. You'll get bonus points if you suddenly lose the coquettish act and win the entire game. Didn't you get the memo? confidence is a major turn-on.

Get spirited away
Everything is somehow better when you're in a car. You and your honey can rediscover your city in a whole new way — and fall in love with cool restaurants, shops and little corners you've never seen before. Just make sure to document everything by taking pictures of the sights. That way, you can both relive the great memories you've made together. Here's a fun fact: studies show that taking pictures with your significant other enhances your connection.

But here's where you spice things up. Resist the urge to take your own vehicle and rent one that is completely different from the one that currently sits in your garage. Why not go for a 1959 Cadillac Eldorado or a Tesla?

Fortunately, car rental companies like Turo offers a varied collection of classic and rare makes and models that'll be sure to revitalize date night. Best of all, Turo has a car for every occasion and every budget. Did I mention the company can also deliver your chosen vehicle to your front door? How awesome is that?!

If you're an IOS or Android user, you can now download the Turo app, which can come in handy if you need to rent a car at a location without a car rental hub.

This post is inspired by Turo. All opinions are my own. Thank you for reading!

Photos: Smart Christian Woman Magazine, The Culture Trip, Van Leeuwen, Boulder Book Store, Getty, Turo


Authenticity Guaranteed at The RealReal

I have set a new sartorial goal for myself — and that is to own a Chanel bag before the end of 2017 (at an affordable price, of course). However, I've always been apprehensive about browsing the web for pre-owned goods for fear of buying a fake. Fortunately, The RealReal, a luxury consignment website with shops in New York and the San Fransisco Bay area, has a rigorous process for spotting counterfeit luxury products — which allows their customers to shop for quality items with peace of mind.

The RealReal has debuted it's improved Influencer Program, which features new and exciting perks you won't want to miss — like getting the chance to earn some extra cash. Not too shabby, huh?! Be sure to check out the program right here and join in on the fun!

As a new The RealReal influencer, I'm excited to browse their site for some of my favorite trends from New York Fashion Week.

There are a few standouts that have already caught my eyes, like these bold and textured stripes (above) seen on the runways of Rosie Assoulin, Proenza Schouler and Opening Ceremony.

I'm also crushing on the radical ruffles trend, which was spotted at the 3.1 Phillip Lim, Tome and J. Crew fashion shows. Think asymmetrical tops, dresses and flouncy skirts. Ruffles are always a great idea for spring, don't you agree?

Oxfords were everywhere at NYFW, but not the classic button-down styles we're used to seeing in corporate America. Designers like Monse, Claudia Li and Self-Portrait showcased a collection of enhanced silhouettes and off-the-shoulder styles. Talk about breaking the rules!

Athleisure influences also made an appearance this season, not that I'm surprised since the trend has been steadily gaining popularity thanks to celebs like Gigi Hadid and Kate Hudson. Of course, DKNY, Lacoste and Alexander Wang did not veer off course from their usual sports-inspired apparel. Hey, if it's not broken...

This post is inspired by The RealReal. Thanks for reading!



What Are Your Unexpected Turn-ons?

Throughout high school, I was fascinated with boys who wear gold chain necklaces. Not the gaudy ones you would find around Lil Wayne's neck, but the ones with delicate gold links. I didn't know the proper term for this unexpected pleasure then, but that was my first experience with something untraditional that made my heart flutter.

Over the years, I've been surprised by the little things that have caught my eyes. Well-groomed fingernails, a crooked smile (a la Milo Ventimiglia), an argyle sweater or a crisp pair of slacks. Come to think of it, I'm curious about what David thinks. I'm definitely going to pick his brain ;)

What are some of your unexpected turn-ons? Don't forget to share in the comments below!

Remember this one? The one quirk that makes you sexier to the opposite sex.


Stylish and Affordable Eyewear: Warby Parker

I tend to gravitate toward simple and modern eyewear — that's why I'm a fan of Warby Parker — the brand exemplifies simplicity, but they do it in such a distinctive and expressive way.

When it comes to eyewear, it's hard to figure out which brands are best. When I needed a new pair of glasses a few years ago, a popular luxury brand asked me to pay nearly $600 for a prescription frame alone. And no, the frame was not very sturdy. Doesn't that seem unreasonable?

Needless to say, finding a stylish, streamlined design was at the top of my list. But like most consumers, a major part of my purchase also came down to product durability and affordability.

Warby Parker's frames are crafted in cellulose acetate, a synthetic compound known for its strength and wear resistance. So if you're looking for high-quality designer eyewear that won't break the bank, a pair of Warby Parker eyeglasses starts at around $95, with free shipping and free returns!

As if that's not impressive enough, Warby Parker also has an altruistic side. For every pair of glasses sold, they donate a pair to someone in need. So far, they have distributed over two million pairs of glasses worldwide. How awesome is that!?

When Warby Parker asked me to announce their newest eyewear collection, I was thrilled to collaborate with them. The brand has partnered with fashion and portrait photographer Amanda de Cadenet to create two new frames that are named after her twins, Silvan and Ella.


Ella is an optical frame in jet black with striking gold accents on its temples. So chic!


and Silvan comes in optical and sunwear versions with the eyeglasses in peony 

 and the sunglasses also in peony but featuring a silver reflective lens

The Silvan sunglasses above (with the silver reflective lens) have such flair! They're the antithesis of my current frame — both in size and color — and would be perfect for my sensitive eyes this summer. What's your favorite pair? Let me know in the comments below.

Warby Parker's newest eyewear collection is available for purchase today! Don't forget to place your order, hereThis post is inspired by Warby Parker, whose mission I absolutely adore. Thank you so much for reading. xoxo.


A Quick Confidence Booster!


I know you've had your fair share of moments where it seems like the world is against you and nothing will ever go your way. Fortunately, this simple little trick will help quickly refuel your mojo so you can regain your confidence in a flash.

According to the Journal of Cosmetic Sciences, individuals who spray on a scent tend to feel more confident. I'll take it one step further and say slipping into a killer outfit would only heighten that effect.

What are your go-to tricks to rev up your confidence when you're feeling down? Don't forget to share in the comments below :) 


Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, everyone! I encourage you to take a moment to acknowledge how far you've come this year. Cheer for the things that went right and reflect, and learn from the things that didn't go your way. Remember 2016 may be ending, but your story is just beginning.

May your holidays be merry and bright!


What's the One Thing You Wouldn't Change about Yourself?

The new year is a mere two weeks away and that means many people are hoping for a blank slate. Enter the new year resolution, along with the never-ending goal to try to somehow find the willpower to resist temptation. But for once, let's table the constant pursuit for self-improvement. What if this year, we focused on the qualities we actually like about ourselves?

I'll go first ;) 

One of the things I've always admired about myself is that I've never taken drugs, although I've been in situations where I've been pressured to. And you know what? I never will. I like that about myself! It's like my own personal badge of honor. 

Your turn...What's the one thing you wouldn't change about yourself?

Say it loud, say it proud!

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