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Stylish Ways to Wear a Fur Stole for the Holidays

Lately, I've noticed women —  both young and young-at-heart — wearing these beautiful fur stoles which in my opinion elevates any outfit to a new level of sophistication. Finally, an accoutrement guaranteed to help you trudge through this cold weather while keeping your sartorial prowess intact! I recently purchased this faux fur version a few weeks ago and I can't wait to wear it to a holiday party in the next couple of weeks. I just love the pop of white towards the end!

I don't wear real fur, but if you do and can afford to add it to your wardrobe, more power to you. But for those of you on a budget: there are so many brands offering realistic faux fur alternatives, so you'd be hard-pressed not to find a stole that suits your personal sense of style. I think they pair really well with form-fitting dresses — perhaps an LBD or this festive little number. They're also convenient on those days you want to forgo your heavy parka, just wrap a furry stole around your neck for that much-needed warmth.

Also, don't worry about emitting old-lady vibes, there are so many clever ways to style this cozy accessory that it's nearly impossible for you to look outdated. Not that there's anything wrong with looking outdated — if that's the style you're going for ;)

Olivia Palermo wears this trend so well 👏👏👏
So what do you think of fur stoles? Yay or nay? Weigh in on the comment section below!

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5 Holiday Dresses You Should Buy Right Now!

It's that time of year again—which means invitations are clogging your inbox because holiday party season is in full swing! I've made a conscious effort not to purchase any new clothes in 2017. So, I've been 'shopping my closet' a lot lately and getting re-acquainted with some vintage duds—which I admit—has been a nice change of pace. But quite honestly, I'm so over it. I yearn for the feeling of new fabric gliding across my skin (gosh, I sound like I belong at a shoppers anonymous meeting). But before you judge me, I'm not one of those compulsive shoppers who trawl for treasures knowing I can't afford them: my name is Stapha, I love to shop (mostly online), but I love a bargain even more.

Without further adieu, here are a few festive frocks I've been eyeing for the holiday party season.

This slinky sequin mini from Nordstrom

This slimming ruched sheath dress from WHBM

This soft but sexy kimono-inspired dress from Cami NYC

This off-the-shoulder velvet dress from Dillards

This super fun fringe dress from Fashion Nova 


The One Jacket You Should Be Wearing Right Now

It's timeless, versatile and the epitome of cool. Just ask any fashionista and she'll tell you this spring is the season of leather jackets. Investing in a leather jacket is a big commitment, primarily because of the price factor. But once you've made the leap, it will become a wardrobe staple that will possibly last you a lifetime.

Off course if you're not ready to make a sizable dent in your wallet, a faux leather jacket is a terrific alternative. What's your favorite way to style a leather jacket? I like to pair mine with feminine pieces.


Corset Belts Are Trending Again, Are You Game?

It's finally spring and I know some of you ladies might want to take your sartorial game up a couple of notches. Enter: the corset belt. While some trends (like over-the-knee boots) are easier to incorporate into your daily wardrobe, corset belts require a little more imagination.

Here's a quick tip on how to wear this somewhat divisive trend. Assuming you're on the cautious side, skip the bells and whistles and shop for more subtle versions, like this one. You can either wear them over a crisp white shirt like the young woman featured in this post or even layer them over your coat.

All in all, corset belts are great for adding shape to any oversized pieces — who doesn't love a cinched waist? Will you give this revolving trend another try this season? Let me know in the comment section below!


Polish Your Shoes With This Breakfast Staple

Cinemagraph: Ann Street Studio

This sweet treat is not just for whipping up your favorite breakfast smoothie anymore. The next time you're out of shoe polish, just reach for a banana. As it turns out, banana peels have powerful buffing properties that will make your favorite pair of tattered shoes look shiny and new again.

What you'll need:
Banana peel
A cloth
leather or faux-leather shoes

Just rub the inside of a banana peel on your shoes and use the cloth to wipe away any residue. That's all!

Now ladies and (gents), give me your best Naomi Campbell walk ;)


Three Tips For Online Shoppers

If you're anything like me, firing up your laptop and browsing the web for clothes is the ultimate stress reliever. But there's nothing more disappointing when your apparel arrives at your door and looks nothing like what you saw online. Follow these tips and your digital efforts will always pay off in the end.

The size chart is your friend
Will it be too tight? too long? too loose? No matter what your measurement, the size chart will aid in easing your uncertainty. However, not all sizing charts are created equal. Meaning, if you're a size 6 at one retailer, you might not be the same size at another. So use your judgment and order accordingly.

Take time to read the customer reviews
A customer review is comparable to a personal recommendation. I will not purchase an item online unless I've read the customer feedbacks first. I often use them to gauge whether a seller is reputable or whether my item fits true to size. With that said, I don't take every customer feedback as the holy grail of truth. However, if there's a general consensus regarding a particular item, I find from personal experience that it's best to heed everyone's advice.

Leave your items in your shopping cart for a few days
Are those pair of pumps you've been eyeing for the past month out of your price range? Just toss them in your shopping cart and walk away. Trust me. What are a few more days? (you've waited an entire month already). Depending on the retailer, you may get some encouragement to complete your purchase in the form of a discount code. Hey, sometimes it pays to be a little sneaky.


Authenticity Guaranteed at The RealReal

I have set a new sartorial goal for myself — and that is to own a Chanel handbag before the end of 2017 (at an affordable price, of course). However, I've always been apprehensive about browsing the web for pre-owned goods for fear of buying a fake. Fortunately, The RealReal, a luxury consignment website with shops in New York and the San Fransisco Bay area, has a rigorous process for spotting counterfeit luxury products — which allows their customers to shop for quality items with peace of mind.

The RealReal has debuted it's improved Influencer Program, which features new and exciting perks you won't want to miss — like getting the chance to earn some extra cash. Not too shabby, huh?! Be sure to check out the program right here and join in on the fun!

As a new The RealReal influencer, I'm excited to browse their site for some of my favorite trends from New York Fashion Week.

There are a few standouts that have already caught my eyes, like these bold and textured stripes (above) seen on the runways of Rosie Assoulin, Proenza Schouler and Opening Ceremony.

I'm also crushing on the radical ruffles trend, which was spotted at the 3.1 Phillip Lim, Tome and J. Crew fashion shows. Think asymmetrical tops, dresses and flouncy skirts. Ruffles are always a great idea for spring, don't you agree?

Oxfords were everywhere at NYFW, but not the classic button-down styles we're used to seeing in corporate America. Designers like Monse, Claudia Li and Self-Portrait showcased a collection of enhanced silhouettes and off-the-shoulder styles. Talk about breaking the rules!

Athleisure influences also made an appearance this season, not that I'm surprised since the trend has been steadily gaining popularity thanks to celebs like Gigi Hadid and Kate Hudson. Of course, DKNY, Lacoste and Alexander Wang did not veer off course from their usual sports-inspired apparel. Hey, if it's not broken...

This post is inspired by The RealReal. Thanks for reading!



Stylish and Affordable Eyewear: Warby Parker

I tend to gravitate toward simple and modern eyewear — that's why I'm a fan of Warby Parker — the brand exemplifies simplicity, but they do it in such a distinctive and expressive way.

When it comes to eyewear, it's hard to figure out which brands are best. When I needed a new pair of glasses a few years ago, a popular luxury brand asked me to pay nearly $600 for a prescription frame alone. And no, the frame was not very sturdy. Doesn't that seem unreasonable?

Needless to say, finding a stylish, streamlined design was at the top of my list. But like most consumers, a major part of my purchase also came down to product durability and affordability.

Warby Parker's frames are crafted in cellulose acetate, a synthetic compound known for its strength and wear resistance. So if you're looking for high-quality designer eyewear that won't break the bank, a pair of Warby Parker eyeglasses starts at around $95, with free shipping and free returns!

As if that's not impressive enough, Warby Parker also has an altruistic side. For every pair of glasses sold, they donate a pair to someone in need. So far, they have distributed over two million pairs of glasses worldwide. How awesome is that!?

When Warby Parker asked me to announce their newest eyewear collection, I was thrilled to collaborate with them. The brand has partnered with fashion and portrait photographer Amanda de Cadenet to create two new frames that are named after her twins, Silvan and Ella.


Ella is an optical frame in jet black with striking gold accents on its temples. So chic!


and Silvan comes in optical and sunwear versions with the eyeglasses in peony 

 and the sunglasses also in peony but featuring a silver reflective lens

The Silvan sunglasses above (with the silver reflective lens) have such flair! They're the antithesis of my current frame — both in size and color — and would be perfect for my sensitive eyes this summer. What's your favorite pair? Let me know in the comments below.

Warby Parker's newest eyewear collection is available for purchase today! Don't forget to place your order, hereThis post is inspired by Warby Parker, whose mission I absolutely adore. Thank you so much for reading. xoxo.


The Only Boots You'll Need to Buy This Fall

When it comes to foolproof fall style, a pair of over-the-knee boots or booties are essential. Could you imagine your favorite skinny jeans and knit-sweater combo without them? No, right?

Over the years, we've seen a resurgence in footwear styles; and I'm always amazed at what's to come next. This season, it seems to be all about the heels—bright-colored cigarette lighter heels to be exact.

Photos: Public Desire

I recently purchased these beauties (pictured above) from Public Desireand I can't wait to wear them. They fit my small calves perfectly :)

So, will the distinctive cigarette-lighter heels make an appearance in your wardrobe this season?


Travel Tip: This Easy Trick Will Keep Clothes Wrinkle-Free Without Ironing

Photo: Extra Petite

Wrinkled clothes is one of my major pet peeves. Let's put this way: I'd rather go naked then wear a wrinkled attire ;) With that said—at some point or another—I'm sure many of you have struggled with how to pack without wrinkling your well-ironed clothes. Here's my go-to solution! and it doesn't require jamming a bulky iron into your suitcase!

Steam your clothes in the shower
Hang your clothes somewhere in the bathroom and shut the door. It's as simple as that. For deeper wrinkles, be sure to spritz some water on the wrinkles. The steam from the shower will relax the wrinkles and you're good to go! This next step is optional, after I steam my clothes in the shower, I like to smooth them over with my hands for a crisper finishing look.

What helpful tips do you have for keeping your clothes wrinkle-free when traveling? I'd love to read them!


Perennial Fall/Winter Favorite: The Houndstooth Blazer

I'm loving this classic collegiate-inspired houndstooth blazer! It makes me want to enroll in a college course—well, almost :)
If you're looking to replace your blazer with an eye-catching alternative, be sure to invest in a houndstooth blazer. You can be bold with a large-scale pattern or demure in an understated micro style. This one from Jcrew is definitely for a lady who likes to stand out from a crowd.
Photos: Jcrew
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